What is Patient Gateway?

Patient Gateway is a secure website that allows patients and their parent/guardian(s) to:

  • Request well-visit and follow-up appointments
  • Request routine prescription medication renewals
  • Request referrals
  • Access laboratory reports
  • Access immunization history
  • Access and print yearly health forms for camp, school, sports, etc.
  • Access allergy and medication lists
  • Create and set appointment reminders
  • Ask general, non-emergent medical questions
  • View and pay bills

Who can use Patient Gateway?

Patient Gateway is available to all of our patients and their parents, with some restrictions based on age:

  • For patients 12 years old and younger: the parent/guardian (Patient Care Representative (PCR)) will have a user name and password and will be able to access the patient’s medical information
  • For patients 13 through 17 years old: the patient may register with a PCR; both the patient and the PCR will have their own log-in name and unique password to access the patient’s information
  • For patients 18 years and older: the patient may register independently for secure, private access to his/her medical information

What is Patient Gateway NOT used for?

Patient Gateway cannot be used for emergent purposes such as medical emergencies or same-day appointments.

How does Patient Gateway work?

Please ask a staff member for an enrollment form if you do not already have one. Return the completed form to the office for registration. Once registered, the patient and/or PCR can log-on to Patient Gateway to begin use. From there, the patient can contact our office via the Gateway for the above requests and to access the patient’s medical information. Requests made through Patient Gateway will be responded to in a timely manner by a nurse practitioner, or in the case of appointments and referrals, a member of the office staff. You can also set up your profile to include other Partners Healthcare providers that you see.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.