Prenatal Consultation:

Expecting parents are encouraged to visit our office to meet our providers prior to the birth of their child. These consultations allow us to get to know each other and answer any questions you might have at this time.

Well Child Care:

Visits and immunizations are scheduled according to the guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics so that your child receives optimal medical attention at all stages of development. These visits vary from monthly after birth to annually for school-age children. The annual examination is a thorough, comprehensive review of your child’s physical, emotional and social development, and we allow time for a detailed discussion of your questions and concerns.

Well-Adolescent Care:

Teenagers are given special time in addition to medical check-ups. We are available to discuss their specific concerns confidentially. We also consult with parents about their growing teens and the issues surrounding adolescent development.

Sick Visits:

If your child becomes sick or injured or you have a concern, you can call to schedule an appointment for the same day (or next day, if appropriate) for your child to be seen. We strongly encourage you to bring your child to our office for all sick visits, unless otherwise advised, so that your child will have good continuity of care.

We have onsite diagnostic tests that allow us to get results for strep throat tests, flu testing, and urine analyses within minutes.


We are available to discuss your child’s growth and developmental milestones, behavioral and emotional progress, and dietary and nutritional needs at any age.


There is a provider available at all times to deal with emergent medical issues of your child. During office hours, a child with an emergent illness will be seen promptly. After regular office hours, you will be able to reach the provider on call for advice and guidance.